Boot Switcher v2.0

Release Date: June 6, 2003.
Boot Switcher is a compact tool designed to help you change the default operating system on the computers that have multiple boot options. It is designed to modify the boot parameters in order to quickly start to OS that you use more frequently.

This utility works by modifying the options stored in the boot.ini file from the main partition of your hard drive. The information stored in that file specifies the installed operating systems and the order in which they should be used when starting the computer.

You can edit the file manually but it is not recommended since any mistake can prevent your computer from starting correctly. The Boot Switcher allows you to only change the entries that are relevant to the boot sequence while preserving the rest of the file.

The interface of the program is quite simple and allows you to select one of the supported operating systems. The main menu enables you to save the changes after you have modified the boot preferences.

If you want to hide the boot menu during the system start, you can use the Boot Count menu to set the timeout interval to 0 seconds. You can also make it available to the user for five or ten seconds.

The Power Options parameters enable you to change the context menu for the selected OS by including the Hibernate, Stand By and Monitor Off commands.

SHA256: c81f5b66033abfa50543071d3d568e74ff20d45d7d4df280efbd6d8e0ddcdb3c

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