GIMP v1.2

Release Date: December 25, 2000.
We have all heard of Photoshop and the great things it could do when it comes to photo manipulation, yet for those who need an open-source free of cost alternative there is an answer: GIMP.

Installing GIMP is indeed a really simple task and if you want to customize it, there is a setup mode that accommodates this need. If the custom mode is chosen, you should know you can select the file types this software will handle, plus the tools that should be deployed on your computer.

GIMP has everything from the most common tasks to more complex options, such as an array of effects and layers. Applying gradients and custom patterns will require minimal resources and on a fairly average system, batch processing can be successfully accomplished in quite a short time.

With GIMP you can retouch digital photos and create bitmaps from scratch, but it can work as well as an image format converter. 

It is possible to create animations, insert text strings, adjust hue-saturation and contrast, clone objects and take advantage of a powerful zooming tool.

 All in all, GIMP can perform a wide variety of tasks and is suitable for novice and advanced users alike. The powerful feature pack and the multiple possibilities for customizing it make this software a must have for anyone who needs an extensible and expandable image manipulation utility.

SHA256: 8b8e46fc783fca45aa3dd62da15c8706091b168a29dd6249bc11b92fa63f79bf

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