ImageMaker v1.1

Release Date: June 19, 2003.
ImageMaker is a lightweight, super-fast, disk backup software. It enables you to make exact images of your entire hard drive(s), or separate partitions on a hard drive, to disk files. The images then may be restored to the initial or any other hard drive or volume, regardless of a file system it is formatted in.

After restoring the disk partition, its size will be equal to originally backed up partition. If you have backed up, say, 20Gb partition and then restored it into 30Gb partition, 10Gb of disk space will remain unpartitioned. Additional partition may be created there using the Disk Managment snap-in in Control Panel. An image cannot be restored to the partition of a smaller size than the original.

Images of entire hard disks should be restored to disks of the same size.

ImageMaker 1.1 does not support image compression and encryption. These features will be added in a future shareware version of ImageMaker.

The image of an entire hard drive may be restored only to a hard drive, not a partition, and vice versa.

After restoring a disk partition backup, a reboot is required to see the restored disk contents. After restoring entire hard disk backups, or in any other cases, no reboot is required.

It supports any version of Windows, starting from Windows 95 to Windows 2003 Server. Most of other disk management suites requires either DOS or Windows 2000 or NT. It does not compromise the productivity when running from Windows 95, 98 or ME OS.

SHA256: bc366ddf4b17f76106e949525481be4b3f41d91edc6a6aabf70a839ff64adc25

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