Startup Cop v1.01

Release Date: April 1, 1999.
Startup Cop is a reliable application capable of reconfiguring the current options and allows you to decide which applications should start with Windows. You may create profiles that contain only the required start up applications and activate them each time the configuration is modified by a program.

Programs that feature the “start with Windows” option can be manually set to autorun and some of them even come with this option as already enabled. The Windows start up configuration determines the time it takes for the system and all the processes to open and run correctly. 

If the start up schedule for your system is clogged, the process can take a long time and become inconvenient.

This is why Startup Cop can detect the programs scheduled to autorun, when Windows starts, and allows you to disable the unnecessary ones. The software can display all the programs that currently open at Windows start up, in order for you to enable, disable or remove them.

The software enables you to create several profiles, that include the desired start up programs configuration. In other words, set the status for each software, then save the current settings. You may activate the desired profile each time the settings are modified. 

Windows can start faster when there are little or no programs that run automatically as you open your system. Therefore, Startup Cop can help you improve the start up speed and create shortcuts to specific configurations, that you can apply in specific conditions. The program is simple to use, lightweight and does not run in the background.

SHA256: c219c18812270fbba4ddcfc4bbe6af972c7742fdfa896c966545d8a5c82ab97c

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