Limewire v4.1.7

Release Date: June 29, 2004.
LimeWire is a free and open source Gnutella peer-to-peer network client released under the GNU General Public License. The program allows users to share files using the Gnutella peer-to-peer protocol. It was the first file sharing program to support firewall-to-firewall file transfers.=

When you first start LimeWire, a setup wizard will greet and help you to configure the software. The wizard starts, and the initial splash screen will remain somewhere behind the window. If you move the window around, you will see the splash with its current loading progress.

After a couple of steps, the wizard showed me an interesting option, called "Content Filering". This can be used to filter files that copyright owners request not to be shared. A link was present in the Content Filtering window, indicating that you can learn more about this feature. I clicked it, but LimeWire gave me an error, because it could not locate my web browser.

The main window is made up of three large panes, a status bar that offers you information about your connection, if you are behind a firewall, the number of shared files and the download/upload speed. Besides this, Lime comes equipped with its own integrated media player.

If you want to find something new, but you don't know what exactly, you can do this by clicking on the Search tab, choose the search type and then select the "What's New" tab, which is situated in the lower left area of the window.

If you are used with DC clients (direct connect protocol) that didn't let you do a search and then another one in a short time interval, because of the hubs' settings, you should know that this won't happen in LimeWire. Go and seek freely whatever you want!

SHA256: b6b1947b07e8557cc2adf0ea3b2762e397b82c71cfa4c1e0a2c699005c77b1e1

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