DirectX Buster v2.1

Release Date: April 29, 2002.
Tinkering with system settings and erasing files, as well as registry keys for important components that are no longer needed onto a PC is not the easiest nor the safest task you can try. There are some dedicated utilities that can be generally used when having to perform maintenance onto the computer.

When it comes to more special purposes, you might be lucky enough to come across a program tailored specifically designed for that job. This is the case of DirectX Buster, which may not be the most modern tool to help you remove the latest DirectX files from your system, but it gets the job done in the case of older Windows editions.

The procedure is completed through a simple wizard, which allows you to mark for deletion the registry keys, the files that DirectX depends on and even the folder where they reside. By default they are all selected, so in case you know of any DLL library or any other component that is included on the list and you need to keep, take the time to go through the list and uncheck it.

DirectX Buster is not all about complete and utter annihilation of the target files and a proof in this respect is the backup options that are built-in it. You can create copies of those registry entries and files, of only the deleted entries, as well as of all the elements in a directory you choose.

 All in all, once the deed is done, you can review the report and reboot the system if prompted to do so.

SHA256: a491b045b340b46ff11adb5996ca42fac1531945a3e1d49f6be3af6371dcc13b

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