Release Date: November 17, 2002.
For those who want to examine the main memory of the computer a tool like AleGr MEMTEST could be just the right choice. Very small in size and easy to deploy from a Command Prompt window, this program is made to put to the test the Dynamic random-access memory or DRAM in short.

Checking the condition of various system components is a maintenance activity that can be quite beneficial in spotting possible weak points and preventing hardware failures. There are numerous applications that are designed to help users verify the performance parameters of CPU, RAM or graphics card, so finding one that is appropriate for a certain task is not difficult at all.

 The application can be started and the verification will go on until an error is encountered, but there are several command-line switches supported by AleGr MEMTEST, so it is possible to configure some of the parameters of the operation.

Thus, one can choose a limited amount of time (in minutes) to run the test and also provide the exact dimension of the test area, up to 1024 megabytes (MB). Users should note that the minimum size of that area is 4 MB.

Since the utility is able to run multiple concurrent threads, no more than 4 though, the total amount of memory allocated to the verification is 2000 MB. Other parameters that can be added pertain to the number of maximum errors that will halt the operation, to the logging of the test data and to the test patterns used by AleGr MEMTEST while performing the DRAM checking procedure.

SHA256: 358031fe0945439401d3bf62da92d57399ae463bbdaf001d74070bad8ebe279e

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