ATI Refresh Rate Fixer

Release Date: July 25, 2002.
ATI Radeon RefreshRate Fix is a simple utility designed to help you change refresh rates for your graphics adapter quick and easy. Designed to support custom refresh rates for both OpenGL and Direct3D, ATI Radeon RefreshRate Fix is clearly addressed to more experienced users, as it also provides some advanced tools.

While changing the refresh rate is pretty simple because it all comes down to finding your own resolution and choosing the new value, modifying the rest of the settings may be a bit risky.

ATI Radeon RefreshRate Fix also features two additional tabs, “Driver Settings” and “Desktop Settings” with several options to allow you to enhance the performance of your graphic adapter.

 For instance, the “Driver Settings” screen provides the possibility to enable some other dedicated tools, such as VblankFlip, LCD Controller, DDC2, DMA copy, BitBlock Transfers with Stretch, Primary Tiling, Theater Mode Support and other various options.

On the other hand, the “Desktop Settings” menu also comes with multiple configuration tools, such as the possibility to enable several tabs, including OpenGL, Direct3D, Projector, Rotation, Overlay, Advanced TV, Theater Mode, Displays and Maxx.

SHA256: 1b3e68cd35056a0211d52eef05ff7abc0e5751e3fc19f76056f436472564f44a

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