Internet Turbo v5.4

Release Date: April 4, 2003.
Even tough the speed of our Internet connection is constantly improving, one wants to always get the maximum out of their bandwidth. This is where the Internet Turbo application comes into play. The software was built so that it can maximize your connection's potential.

Two main reasons have led to the program's development, the first one being the performance of slow connections, or, otherwise put, the lack of. The second reason is that users kept experiencing Internet disconnections, which is particularly disturbing, especially when performing tasks that require a permanent Internet connection.

Internet  Turbo comes with several automatic optimization modes already included, but the user can select the manual option and perform the enhancements and modifications it wants.

 For example, you can select the Windows default option or input the custom value you want for the MTU (Max Transmission Unit), RWIN (Receive Window), TTL (Time To Live) or Keep Alive Session.

The performed optimizations also depend on your connection type. Luckily, you can select between a classic modem connection, a LAN, PPPoE, and a DirectPC satellite connection.

 Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with the optimizations performed by the software, then, you can always restore your original settings or even backup your registry with a simple mouse click.

Besides that, the software includes a couple of other shortcuts that might come in handy. You can access your Internet Settings and System Properties window, all your modems or view all the connected network devices.

SHA256: 7bcbb94607e9ffefcb61437f2360c218b29cd76fd1c3aecd3aa5f25e819bd3b4

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