Nuts v2.29

Release Date: April 15, 2005.
Network Administrators Utilities Set (Nuts) is a collection of free programs for IT professionals and the average computer users alike. Some of the programs are under first Beta stages, some are more mature, nonetheless the Beta programs still perform to their potential and run smoothly in all areas.

Here is a list of the programs, with a short description.

ALO - Auto Log On. For NT4/Win2K (Server and WKS) - Skip the logon dialog with predefined UserName/Password.

BALM - Blocked Attachment List Manager, for Outlook Express ver 6.

BALMNE - Blocked Attachment List Manager, for NAVMSE (Norton Anti Virus for MS Exchange).

GetMEM - A utility to assist IT support diagnosing virtual memory problems. The program simulates a memory intensive application with manual setting of the memory demand.

KIT - For any TCP/IP network. Keep In Touch with your servers over the Internet/Intranet. This utility will ping the specified hosts, and will alert you by external program or email when any host online status changes.

MM - For any network with Win9x/NT/2000 clients.
With this tool you can replicate (mirror) a selected folder/drive from server to a workstation,
for backup purpose.

MAILIT - A command line utility to send email (SMTP) using batch files. See MAILIT.TXT and MAILTEST.BAT for more info.

NetRun - For any network with Win9x/NT/2000 clients.
A utility to launch from login scripts that can schedule actions on client computers such as backing up system/data files, anti virus updates, or RunOnce push installations.

NewUser - For Windows 2000 server (Domain Controller only).This tiny VBscript allows you to quickly add new users to a Windows 2000 domain. Much faster then Active Directory Users and Computers.

NoScript.ADM -
For Win98/NT clients (not tested with Win2000 clients yet).This is a custom template for Poledit (System Policy Editor). With it a network administrator can centrally disable VBS and other script files,
from running on client machines.This can help protecting your network from new viruses of this kind.

Permiter - For Windows NT 4.0. Allows modifying NTFS folder permissions for individual user/group, without affecting other permission on same and nested folders.

RegToAdm - For any network with Win9x/NT clients.
Convert a REG file (exported from Regedit), to a simple custom ADM template, that can be used in Poledit for distribution of registry settings on the network.

TestFile -
For any network with Win9x/NT/2000 clients. A very simple and basic performance test, that can be used on any file sharing network for PC (NT, Netware, Win9x, and other). The program runs on a Win9x workstation, and simply times save and read file operations.
The results are far from being scientific, but can be used as a first impression...No need to set up a responder or special server program.

SHA256: 0618ae59ee40d1c3390afe3e21fa32c741d1a61efc4678f5ea34dd54a7a5ac22

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