QRes v1.1

Release Date: November 26, 2003.
QRes is a command-line utility that enables users to modify monitor settings, such as size and refresh rate. Although it doesn't seem like an attractive application, since it lacks a graphical user interface, it provides a straightforward approach to configuring these parameters, all performed via the command prompt.

Some users prefer working with a Command Prompt dialog, instead of tinkering with complicated GUIs containing unnecessary and distracting visual elements, as only few written commands are usually required to perform a task rapidly.

Additionally, such apps do not involve an installer, making them accessible from any location on the hard drive, USB flash disk and other removable devices.

What's more, no entries are added to the Windows registry, Start menu or any other part of the hard disk. Therefore, removing the tool is possible through simple file deletion.

 Aside from the executable file, the program package includes a documentation page with usable commands. But this list is automatically shown when running QRes anyway.

The monitor options configurable through this app focus on the width and height (in pixels), color depth and refresh rate.

You can view the current display parameters, prevent the system from saving these settings to the registry or from listing display version details. Moreover, you can get extended information on the color depth modes.

SHA256: 66252b80e1f62e284d60ddfc340fa7d6b651929d85360cee0f78cc04a8c5e343

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