Ultimate Startup Manager v1.0

Release Date: January 14, 2003.
There are actually 7 ways a program can be set to run at Startup, not just 3 as most other programs allow for. Some can be set by malicious web sites such as changing your Start and/or Search Page to theirs and adding a small program that will change it back to theirs whenever you change it back to yours.

Additionally many will disable some of your options such as Internet Settings to prevent you from changing it.

There are also many programs that use unnecessary resources and really have no need to run ad and disable these programs. Any Registry item disabled is automatically backed up for easy one click restore.

The Ultimate Startup Manager will help you find and disable these programs and start up fresh without any unwanted programs.

You can also add any set of auto start programs to your profile, as well as select the profile you want to start. Ultimate Startup Manager for Windows also gives your windows system a more secured protection.

It allows you to set up passwords to every list of items you choose such as applications, movie clips or any other documents. It can also protect your computer against unwanted spy ware and even viruses and add-ware.

Ultimate Startup Manager for Windows enables your computer to run on a clean system. This tool just makes your Windows system start and work faster and easier.

SHA256: 34b6f3bc310929e0c9ee05405bce0fca9db60b4a9362d8bd5ead1c0576fe157f

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