WinTool v1.1

Release Date: January 17, 2002.
WinTool is a powerful application that allows you to, basically, play around with windows and processes. WinTool allows you to kill, hide, tweak, show, change, and set options regarding windows that are open. It also allows you to view and kill processes that are currently running.

WinTool is literally a beefed up version of the Windows® tasklist, with many more functions and operations available to users.

Use WinTool to change an application's title bar text. Is that window getting in the way? Easy - use WinTool to hide it. Or better yet, kill it - with WinTool. Too many applications running? Use Wintool to terminate all the ones that you don't need.

How about processes? Terminate these as well to recover previously used system resources. Don't know where that window went? Use WinTool to find it, and move it back to where it is supposed to be.

WinTool is versatile and has multitudes of uses in and around your desktop.

SHA256: 00bd8521fee8ee08512605a23f5b6a7afeaad2f60124face351cd7114d137539

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