WyvernWorks Firewall 2004 v5.2

Release Date: May 14, 2004.
If you connect to the Internet, whether through a dial up (Modem) or a broadband (DSL, Cable, Satellite) connection, your computer is always at risk of unauthorized intrusions from hackers all over the world. WyvernWorks Firewall is the solution for intrusion detection and prevention--it will put your mind at ease.

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to hear in the news about how hackers broke into one computer system or another. Although you might think you're not at risk, hackers scan millions of IP addresses looking for open ports on computers connected to the Internet.

After finding a way in, they will often use your computer to launch further attacks - all without your knowledge.

What clearly sets WyvernWorks Firewall 2004 apart from other commercially available firewalls is it's unique ability to prevent internal attacks caused by Trojans.WyvernWorks Firewall 2004 detects and prevents any unauthorized program on your computer from accessing the Internet without your permission.

SHA256: 707e6c8cd1d6efff78e9d83e4c2f08ea52ca85ffc79379e7c6e736b114687354

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