Disk Idle Optimizer v1.0

Release Date: December 17, 2005.
Defrag your hard drive with your spare CPU cycles! Using the built in disk defragger in Windows XP (SP2 Required), this program senses when your computer is at an idle state and defrags your hard drive. As soon as you begin using your computer again, Disk Idle Optimizer will stop defragging, allowing you to use your PC to its fullest.

Disk Idle Optimizer (DIO) allows you to turn on and off automatic optimization functions that are built into Widows XP with Service pack 2. These functions include the defragmentation (optimization) of your most frequently used files.

When you turn this on, every three days, Windows XP SP2 will look at your most frequently used files list in your prefetch folder.

Disk Idle Optimizer is very simple to use. No install is required - just run the program from anywhere and you can turn the Idle Defrag on or off with 1 mouse click.

 In addition, with the help of Disk Idle Optimizer, you can delete the page file Windows every time your computer is turned off, thus increasing even more the performance of your machine. However, such action will cause there is a delay during the shutdown, given the erasure not be as fast.

Defragment your files, especially the most used, is essential to the proper functioning of your computer because the more fragmented they are, the more your processor will take looking for all files of the same program, thereby making the wait seems for many times eternal.  

Nevertheless, many users do not like to defragment the disk, since suffering the consequences. However, the Idle Disk Optimizer can help them, as it defragments the hard disk only when the computer is not being used. 

SHA256: 3d31495814fd780f8c66c4a1042a8ad478d6cc076b5d15f69a24b04e4c2518f6

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