Memory And CPU Observer v2.3

Release Date: December 14, 2002.
Always been wondering what your PC is doing? Why it keeps making noises without doing anything...? Now it's time to find out! With MCO (Memory and CPU Observer) installed you can always see what your Processor does, how much RAM is being used and what percentage of your pagefile is stuffed with data.

And since version 2.0 you can also see what your upload and download speed is and what's going on on your hard disk(s)!

Use this application, and you'll never again have to ask for details about your computer: not its temperature, not the percentage of CPU being used, not how much free space you have on your hard drive, nor the speed of your Internet connection.

With Memory and CPU Observer, you can find out how your computer is performing by looking at the information contained in three separate windows (the menus, colors, and aspect of which you can even change if you want to).

SHA256: 2c35bea24f887b1d4facd7bf4642365999b96e04f20f3327a6049bbc1d4d13ba

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