Spam CounterStrike v2.0

Release Date: May 28, 2003.
We hate junk email and hype!, It wastes our valuable time and offends us, so Spam Counterstrike was designed to be the safest, easiest and most effective spam filter and processor on the market. Like a pain reliever, once Spam Counterstrike is installed, you forget about it. It quietly and painlessly scans and marks emails as spam.

Easy no work install, makes installing Spam Counterstrike simple. Set it and forget it! No complicated filters to understand. The concept is simple: you never think about it again, unless you want to.

It simply waits for you to check your email as normal and scans all of your emails for spam content. Contains no extra bloatware such as spyware or adware, dose not report any data to anyone about anything on your computer. Spam Counterstrike also monitors and protects all of your email accounts.

Our easy install automatically sets up your email client to work. Uninstaller completely removes itself and sets your email back to normal. Current version will not work with AOL or web based email.

Spam Counterstrike's technology works by analyzing email content and scoring it before your email client ever sees it. External filters are unnecessary due to the engine's unique spam detection intelligence. Pattern lists are used to help the engine recognize spam more efficiently and the lists are updateable by you and our database automatically.

SHA256: 861e0d49f7c257387475dc35a7cd343c03cd1b723970d83c3103445e34ece600

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