UT2K3 Demo Benchmarking v2.1

Release Date: March 10, 2003.
All of the utilities needed to benchmark with the UT2K3 Demo were already in the demo, all we did was create some files that will ease the process of benchmarking to make it easier for the reviewer and end user. Most importantly this scripting utility will allow for people with DX8 compliant VidCards to compare results on a fair basis.

The creators of UT2K3 explain that vertex and pixel shaders use in the game minimal at best. So comparing cards that are pre-GF3 and pre-8500 might be considered, but we are not going to argue that here and now.

By using the same ut2003.ini file in each quality test ensures that the game is setup the same for each test making comparative reviews a reality. Of course writing the batch files was not an issue but a certain amount of subjectiveness creeps in when we start defining the quality levels utilized.

I had to figuring out what D3D settings needed to be adjusted and to what values. I looked at how they effected the game on an IQ and performance level to judge what needed to be set for a High Quality setting, a Medium Quality setting and a Low Quality setting.

Then I edited the appropriate lines in the ut2003.ini file for each quality setting. The last step was to make batch files that made it all work.

SHA256: 2d97e88e5153b2d77d0fbb99b6ea3af1c103f0c4c1d5389059c3d2f92e114408

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