Cordix v1.0

Release Date: May 14, 2003.
Cordix is a software tool that converts your analog voice modem to a call recorder. Connect your telephone device to your modem phone socket, make a telephone call as you usually do and pressing the record button you can record the conversation to your computer as a wav file. Every recorded call is kept in a list with information about time, date and your personal comments.

Cordix enables you to record all phone calls to your pc as WAV files. If you have a voice modem installed to your pc, you can use it as a call recorder.

Connect your telephone to your modem, make a phone call as usually and pressing the record button, whole conversation will be stored to your hard disk.

You can set it in auto recording mode where ALL of your incoming calls will be recorded automatically. You can select the compression format of the wav files saved to your hard disk,such as PCM,DSP truespeech, GSM 6.10, IMA ADPCM, Microsoft ADPCM, G723.1,WMA,VOX,BTV digital,MP3.

Choosing the right format you can have compression ratio about 2.81Mb/hour.You can set it as an option to launch when Windows starts-up as a system service.

Every recorded call is stored in a database with date, time, duration,and user memo. You can keep lists of calls according to your needs,e.g. personal,business,sales,orders.Post process your wav files.

SHA256: 1662e973fe30209ebb2ae31b50471fe3e7197feb421e7645e5c675f3074c09d1

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