Fractal Forge v2.8.2

Release Date: February 13, 2005.
Fractal Forge, as its name suggests, is an application designed to help you create complex fractal art. With it you are able to generate your own color sequences and import Fractint palettes. The application displays a user-friendly interface and grants quick access to all the tools, features and parameters that are required to create a fractal.

Fractal Forge allows you to color by ‘Iterations’, ‘Potential’, ‘Biomorph’, ‘Radiant’, ‘Radiant-Iter, ‘Real’, ‘Imaginary’, ‘Internal mode’ and ‘Internal radiant’. These methods, along with the formula types can be selected from simple drop-down menus.

Once you add, remove or modify a parameter, the results are immediately displayed in a large preview section. The generated image can be explored in detail by zooming in and out as much as you want. You can also choose to magnify a certain portion of the fractal.

As far as filters go, Fractal Forge allows the use of ‘Bumper’, ‘Color bumper’, ‘Crystalis’, ‘Edge’, ‘Equalize colors’, ‘Heights’, ‘Lines’, ‘Random noise’, ‘Sharpen edges’ and ‘Average’, each with the potential to fully transform the fractal.

Using Fractal Forge you are able to generate animations in fractal world. To create one all you have to do is access the ‘Animator’ tool and configure the needed data.

The animation is saved in AVI format and you can choose where on your hard drive you want to export it. Apart from video clips, the fractals you create can be merged and multiplied to form a custom sized poster.

SHA256: 90b1dfc446de724bd52396d6cdd939560b24e7fd23949e47100d48263bd89519

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