WinBoost v4.90

Release Date: March 17, 2005.
WinBoost provides you with a simple solution for tweaking your Windows operating system and enhancing the overall system performance. It enables you to configure system and booting, customize the start menu, Windows Explorer, the desktop, Internet Explorer, icons and shortcuts. The main interface is simple and groups the customization options.

The main interface is simple and groups the customization options into different categories, depending on their type. Selecting one of the available items displays a brief description of the result, together with the OS version it applies to.

WinBoost can be used for customizing the start menu by hiding certain items and renaming others, disabling the shutdown command, changing the item order or cascading menus.

Furthermore, you can force the application to apply the classic look on the start menu, instead of using the XP specific one.

The application is capable of hiding certain drives from Windows Explorer and add new options in the right-click context menu (such as ‘Explore from here’, ‘Open new window’, ‘Defragment’, ‘Open with DOS prompt’ and more) in order to help you access frequently used system tools much faster.

Also, you can reduce the size of the toolbar icons, hide the ‘File’ menu, disable the search assistant, show hidden files, activate auto-complete and more.

The desktop can also be configured to accustom your preferences. You can block any attempts to change the wallpaper, resize or move the taskbar, change or hide the taskbar clock, place a text box with your name in the system tray, apply the classic Windows 95 look or create shortcuts for logging off, shutting down or restarting the PC.

SHA256: 9d2329182bbace8a1a48c19191ec4301887e2b0f9963ab4e6eca519592b109ca

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