WinMover v3.2.0

Release Date: February 5, 2006.
WinMover is an application for moving windows more easily than with the the mouse in Microsoft Windows®. It is fully customizable and can mimic the behavior of many window managers for UNIX and Linux. If you for example hold down the Alt-key, you can move or resize a window by pressing and dragging the mouse button anywhere in the window.

WinMover can also snap the window to the border of the screen.


■ Works with MDI-windows
■ Resize and move any window with your mouse
■ Close, maximize and minimize any window with your mouse
■ Mimic Linux window managers in windows
■ Send a window to the back
■ Snap windows to the borders of the screen
■ Free
■ Unlimited support
■ Per user customization
■ Extensive help
■ Small and efficient
■ Multimonitor support
■ Windows XP Visual Themes support

SHA256: 672cb53ff4ba2a5dc7824e490835c235feff57f6dfbbe520ed0751049e192057

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