Gamma Panel v1.0.0

Release Date: November 30, 2002.
Gamma Panel is a little & handy application that lets you adjust brightness, contrast and gamma settings in real-time. Thanks to its hot-key feature, you don't even have to leave the game you're playing. The program works pretty similar to Color profiles in PowerStrip and much smaller in terms of system load and memory usage.

The program is pretty simple - it just sits on the taskbar and does its job. You can apply profiles in 2 ways: by pressing assigned hot-key combination or by selecting the entry from the popup menu. The last selected color profile is automatically applied on the next program run.

The profiles can be added, modified or removed in the main window (click on the tray icon and select Settings to open it).

The controls are pretty self-explanatory. LUT is the maximum possible number of different colors that can be reproduced. The largest number is 16'777'216 so you can see the loss in color resolution when applying any correction.

Pressing Esc key resets the display controls to their default position - it might be very useful if you set the brightness too high or too low and you don't see anything.

SHA256: ce050c1f4d39a9743fcf450add31b6628f2ebfc58cc26984a952bf861a025be5

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