PP Mailcheck v2.1

Release Date: March 29, 2005.
PP MailCheck is both a mail checker and a remote mail management utility, and it's quite good in both disciplines. A useful pop-up window and nice system tray notification together with support for multiple accounts make it a respectable mail checker. The ability to preview and delete messages at the server make PP MailCheck a simple, but useful remote email tool.

With PP MailCheck you can easily preview mail on a POP3 server. It allows you to preview the mails from the server and directly delete those you don't want to download with your default Mail Client

At the same time you can return mail. If someone sends you a mail that you are not sure about it just replay the mail and if you want it to, insert details about the mail you got.

You can also send simple mail with it.

PP MailCheck has several options to inform you about new mails. You can get a cool popup, a balloon hint from tray bar or a sound! The cool popup does not only tell you that you got mail, but also who sent the mail and the subject of the mail

PP MailCheck has a easy to use Spam filter, to which you can add a email. When viewing mails it can also test if the syntax of the address is correct.

If you want to check your mail on another computer, then just take MailCheck with you. MailCheck can copy itself to floppy disk, and then you can start it from floppy disk on another computer.

So now you can get rid of these mails you don't want to download with your normal email program, and maybe this program can help you to a virus free computer.

SHA256: 3afa0499a149937dd92e8781aa0d2e225495120143f465ef03d0f65896f9cb76

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