Smart Popup Blocker v1.10

Release Date: July 28, 2004.
Smart Popup Blocker can help you get rid of annoying advertising popup windows, speed up browsing and protect privacy online. Smart Popup Blocker is so smart that it can identify and block the advertising popup windows, Messenger popup spams, but keep the "good" pop-ups when you surf online on the net.

Smart Popup Blocker can intelligently block pop-up ads and messenger pop-up spam, and speed Internet Explorer by optimizing settings.

It also cleans cookies and guards your default Internet Explorer home page. The application resides in the system tray, works as an add-on of the IE browser, and automatically starts when you start up Internet Explorer.

With Allow List, Smart Popup Blocker allows the pop-ups from your trusted web sites. Smart Popup Blocker includes a Cookie Manager that allows users to automatically clean cookies when the last IE browser exits, protect your privacy online. It also has the features to protect your home page and customize your sound notification.


■ Block unsolicited pop-up ads.
■ Block unsolicited pop-under ads.
■ Block Messenger pop-up spams.
■ Allow trusted new window, not interfere user's normal navigation
■ Save internet bandwidth, speed up browsing.
■ Hotkey to temporarily allow popup windows.
■ Sound notification on blocking.
■ Automatically delete cookies to protect privacy online.
■ Protect home page.
■ Residing on system Tray with an icon, easy to use

SHA256: 3690e135148146cfafbd94a3add7b3c67b2d604d1ec6730214dc61d5a0ae2e80

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