CPUsage v1.2

Release Date: December 5, 2005.
CPUsage will shutdown or restart your computer if the CPU stays at a certain load for a certain period of time. CPUsage is a tool that restarts or shutdown yout PC. Useful for time-consuming tasks, like video encoding, when you DON`T know when will be finished, and you want to close your computer at, for example, five minutes after process is finished.

CPUsage is a tool whose sole task is. Monitors the load current CPU. In the event that the load over a predetermined period of time is below the limit set, the application automatically shuts down or restarts the computer.


* Select 'Nr. of Seconds' : if your CPU stay under 'x%' usage for selected amount
      of time, then "Power Off" or "Restart" PC.

 * Select procent of CPU usage.

 * Set "Number of Seconds" for "Inactivity".

* Set "Procent of CPU usage". Below this value, is considered "Inactivity".

SHA256: 934d37c25d306595bef3c2bf055664e1462cba220cc585c5417424755e64c2fd

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