Router Monitor v0.93

Release Date: February 9, 2006.

Router Monitor is a Windows tool that enables you to control the router you're connected to and see the other connected IPs along with other important details. If there's something to be praised about Router Monitor, that's definitely the interface because the application relies on a clean look with intuitive menus and a straightforward approach.

Users should have no problem in figuring out which feature is which, as the main window is being used to display the local and the remote hosts, ports, protocols and age, with a dedicated tool to reboot the router on the go.

Additionally, it shows the router uptime and lets you initiate a manual update to refresh the displayed information.

The settings menu is the one more important because this way you can configure the app and input not only the router IP, but also details needed to benefit from all the other features, such as username and password. Plus, you need to define the port and the NatList, which is actually the path to the file that contains all connection information.

The bad thing about Router Monitor is definitely the fact that it works only with Dlink routers and specific models, so it's pretty difficult to make it work with other router brands.

On the good side, it works flawlessly regardless of the Windows version and requires just a minimum amount of resources to do its job.

SHA256: 29b77ad9a374380bc695e287dc5002dab1af516a4e5143efdf18fcc39bfab188

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