Trend CWShredder v2.19

Release Date: November 15, 2005.

Trend CWShredder is the premier tool to find and remove traces of CoolWebSearch – the name for a wide range of insidious browser hijackers– from your PC. CWShredder removes browser hijackers. CoolWebSearch installs dozens of bookmarks–mostly to porn Web sites–on your desktop, changes your home page without asking.

If you start your computer, open the browser and find out that instead of connecting to Google, you are automatically redirected to other websites that advise you to download all kinds of unknown applications for cleaning what seems to be an infected system.

Chances are that your computer is infected with CoolWebSearch. Or maybe you prefer CoolWwwSearch,, YouFindAll, or one of the many names this browser infection uses when hijacking applications.

CWShredder is a dedicated application that can help you in this matter, as it removes CoolWebSearch from your computer and keeps your browsers secure.

Since the whole disinfection process might be a bit complicated when you have to deal with infected files, CWShredder has been designed as a stand-alone executable file which does not require installation and is compatible with all Windows versions.

All you have to do is to open this tiny tool and start scanning your entire system by simply clicking the appropriate button. In real time, it is possible to view all the types of malware it has look for and if it is present on your computer of not.

SHA256: 3cf37c51c9b133f7dafa520b302fa8b9fb266af78f7365a9b8edbe08c36f1791

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