Registry Commander v1.04

Release Date: December 22, 2003.

Registry Commander is a powerful software solution designed to replace the traditional registry editor integrated into Windows. The program comes with a simple interface that provides a great amount of features, including the ones that are offered by the standard RegEdit Windows utility. Simply put, Registry Commander is a free software for Windows that will allow you to manage your Windows Registry easily and efficiently. While Registry changes can be made using the built-in Registry Editor, Registry Commander offers you many more features that let you manipulate and control the Registry more efficiently.

Besides the fact that it lets you bookmark keys and thus access them quicker than anytime before,  Registry Commander also features an advanced search utility with dedicated filters for key names, value names, match case and whole words. You can also enable data type or size filter for better results.

Right-clicking on any key lets you create either a new key or a value, edit or change data type, delete, copy, rename or move the entry, bookmark or export it.

What's more, double-clicking it opens a new dialog that shows name, size, original and value, with dedicated options to load and save the entry.

Additionally, Registry Commander features hotkey support and history list to easily browse a previously modified registry key.

It's also highly recommended to have a look in the settings menu as well because it lets you change some visual and sound parameters, but also configure the way the app works with bookmarks.

Registry Commander works like a charm on all Windows versions, but administrator privileges are needed on Windows 7 to modify the registry entries.

SHA256: 7d62d3b3fd25f3486bb756f85446e4ad356fcddbba1f39bc9523cc0cae7631f3

License: Freeware

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