BoxSys 2.0

Release Date: February 22, 2002.

Ram memory is expensive...using programs, viewing images and multimedia etc...leave behind lot of chunk parts of memory which become unavailable and difficult to be use by disk cache. BoxSys can recover this useful memory for you. Best of all, BoxSys can make it automatically when your system reach a low level of ram resources. For sure, after using BoxSys, your system will perks up. Use it and always keep your system in a fresh boot condition. Have fun with your system without bloating your desktop screen. Feel having like 4 different computers. With the virtual desktop manager you can have 4 different desktops with different theme, color scheme, wallpaper etc.

With this tool, you can use different program in each desktop and access them with a single click...With the Hide TaskBar, you'll discover the pleasure of a full screen use.


Need some information's regarding your hardware, your os, a running process etc...? BoxSys let's you access ALL these information's in a single place.


BoxSys hide a nice drawer which open smooth. Once opened, you'll graphs that show your system resources consumption in real time. Easy to read but also funny to see. There 4 moving slider graphs where you'll see the health of your system.


You will like this feature ! Where are your files ?? This feature let's you search your files in a convenient way. Just write some characters contained in the file names..without the need of wild characters formula...just plain text and launch the search, BoxSys will search as fast as he can and display the result in a window...after the search, just click on your found file to open it with the application associated to it.


OK, we agree with you...why such a feature in this application? We are in the Internet era, we talk, communicate over the world with some clicks and always trip between time zone. You talk from New York, USA to a guy in Paris, France? It always convenient to know what is time on your host location. BoxSys will convert this to your time zone within a click of your mouse.

And, BoxSys have many more features hide in it, Just give it a TRY!

SHA256: d9148de9ddea0bb0c40f84f786abe26400efa0c9ad03e717d5f49cdc73835d89

License: Shareware

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