CableNut v4.08

Release Date: March 25, 2002.

Optimizing the speed of the Internet connection is something most users would like to do with only a couple of clicks. Nonetheless, configuring the network and especially working with the registry entries that control TCP/IP is quite difficult. CableNut is a tool for optimizing your Windows TCP/IP stack i.e. your Internet Connection. We have provided a way to tweak almost every possible TCP registry entry via the CableNut program. You can load CableNut Custom Setting files that are included with the program to tweak your Internet connection. You can make your own CableNut Custom Setting files save them for later use, or distribute them to anyone with the CableNut program.

A utility specially designed to help you in this respect is CableNut. Lightweight and with a plain interface, this application is all about handling and tweaking the above-mentioned registry keys in order to get the most out of your current connection.

A neat thing about this software is that it comes equipped with registry backup and restore functions, as well as with an operating system confirmation box. Even if CableNut automatically detects the OS upon its launch, you can modify the selection in case it is wrong.

With the help of this program, you can use pre-defined custom settings for several connection types like 56K, ADSL, Satellite or Cable. These parameters can be manually configured and stored, so building your own personalized settings sheet is quite easy.

You should note that there are some special settings that divide Cable and ADSL connections in two: normal and fast. The first category includes those connections that support up to 250 KB per second (Cable) and 1.5Mbps (ADSL), while the second one deals with those over 250 KB per second (Cable), respectively over 1.5 Mbps (ADSL).

Despite its ease of use, CableNut should definitely be operated only by advanced users who know what each registry value and setting is all about. Even if you use one of the built-in tweaks, in case something goes wrong or the results are not to your liking, there's an option to delete the modifications with a single click.

All things considered, even if CableNut is meant to work for systems running XP or lower, it can do a lot of good for those still using older iterations of Microsoft's proprietary operating system.

SHA256: 8ddc84219130b1221ecef31e4d7aa2aebf88edc616ee56e81c1f63ce26097e47

License: Freeware

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