Desktop Manager 0.60 07

Release Date: July 11. 2002.

Desktop Manager is a handy application that enables you to define different zones on your screen and access them quickly using user-defined hotkeys. No matter the application that is currently running, when pressing a hotkey, it will be automatically re-sized and sent to the corresponding zone. Desktop Manager can handle multiple displays, enabling you to avoid wasting time on dragging windows around. Once setup is finalized, Desktop Manager creates an icon in the taskbar notifications area and silently runs in the background to provide fast access to its options. It doesn't interrupt your typical desktop activity with popup messages.

Desktop Manager is a virtual desktop program and Windows shell. A virtual desktop program gives you more work space, you use a control of some kind and you switch to another virtual screen where you can run different applications.

So, instead of hunting for windows behind other windows on one cramped screen you can keep them separate and switch to them when you need to work with them.

A Windows shell is what you see on the desktop, the interface for interacting with the system, it includes the icons, folders, the taskbar, etc. Desktop Manager is what you make of it.

SHA256: 08b548b3e12ad682ce8f0e88bab23652ae08a978f6186eb51d79d31cbd29d03e

License: Freeware

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