Eye Relax 1.2

Release Date: April 19, 2002.

Spending time in front of the computer for hours on end can make your eyes extremely tired. Thus, it is important you take a few minutes to do an eye relaxation exercise every so often. Eye Relax is a small utility that can remind you every time you need to take a break and help you perform the exercise. It can be accessed through the system tray icon. The right-click menu of this tool provides a few shortcuts, including one to the “Options” area. Thus, the program provides a couple of exercises for your eyes. Their instructions can be accessed from the app.

Everyday so many thousands of people across the globe are working on their computer for hours. Continuous computer work can tire your eyes. You need an Eye Relax.

This software reminds you every hour (default) to perform an eye relaxation exercise and allows you to conduct your exercise in peace and with some compulsion. And for once, this compulsion is for your good health.

It is recommended to look at the center of a blank screen and move your eyes to each side rapidly. The length of this exercise can be adjusted from the “Options” area. The default time is of five minutes, but you may choose any of the other settings, namely one, two, three or ten minutes.

For this amount of time, the app loads a black screen that covers the entire desktop, including all documents or opened apps.

Furthermore, you can set how often the program reminds you to take this exercise, with options varying between one and five hours.

Another exercise is the one recommended by all eye doctors, namely “20-20-20”. This implies that after each 20 minutes spent looking at the screen, you look at an object placed 20 feet away. Also, you must blink rapidly 20 times to moisten the eyes. Another advice is to take the time to walk a little around the room to help blood circulation.

The bottom line is that Eye Relax is a nice program that can be extremely helpful. Inexperienced users should have no problems working with this software, thanks to its overall simplicity

SHA256: 92120b47c66271a6e23c6f7f75fb6d87478ebe8632d52584671e87ad74cd7a6d

License: Shareware

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