GrabIt v1.5.0 Beta

Release Date: November 21, 2004.

GrabIt is ab application developed for Usenet clients, and it offers a user friendly interface and quick access to Usenet newsgroups - simply put, it is a Usenet content downloader. The application features browsing and searching capabilities instead of the simple header downloading most similar applications perform. All you have to do to find the item you are interested in, go to a group and browse its contents. You no longer need to download countless headers just to find out there is nothing of interest for you. Alternatively, you can just search Usenet and immediately download the content you are looking for.

The intuitive interface allows you to easily browse the newsgroups on your server and download several articles at the same time. So while decoding a binary, the application can download another and save you some time if you have a lot of topics you keep track of.

If the numerous downloading threads take up all your bandwidth, you can always pause jobs and use the Internet connection for other purposes. Upon resuming, GrabIt continues from where it had left.

One of the most important features of GrabIt, though, is its ability to simultaneously connect to multiple Usenet servers. You don't have to log off the current server to log in to another - you can add as many servers you like and GrabIt handles them all.

Also, the application displays valuable information regarding download speed, items downloaded or items remaining. It also can filter articles and only display items that were retrieved during the last update, unmarked items that contain one or multiple articles and items which are not present on the news server.

With GrabIt you can avoid downloading or browsing hundreds of posts that you already processed, just to find the one binary you need. That is due to the advanced features of the Find tool which allows you to select found items and deselect or hide other items.

Last but not least, GrabIt makes requesting re-posts or replying to a post very easy. You don't have to start another newsreader to do that, you can simply click the post message and type your message.

SHA256: 0931fcd2d1dcfe4a13e00cef0d349c9ce7dbf6730e9e4097034a539efbf012d4

License: Shareware

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