Power Drawers v2000.00

Release Date: April 1, 2002.

Power Drawers provides faster access to files, text previews, multiple app associations, and more hence eliminating desktop clutter and more. Project has been abandoned. Power Drawers uniquely enhances Windows itself to be a faster interface to information. It's an essential must-have tool for anyone who runs applications or opens documents. Power Drawers saves time & is the fastest way to organize and access files. Features include faster access to files, pop-up graphics & text previews, multiple app associations, eliminating desktop clutter, improved screensaver password security and much more.

Power Drawers helps you to complete daily startup programs and file management faster. In addition to displaying directories and files as menus , you only need to move the mouse to a text or graphic file in the menu.

The file size, date, and author will Displayed, when you move to the application, the real name of the program will be displayed. Power Drawers will help you remove shortcuts to lost programs and view the disk or directory usage space.

The Power Organizer feature classifies all programs on your computer by function and places them in a folder on your desktop .

SHA256: fbf542998b402bae4df96d0d8dcebeeaccd111f6da46af544405417af7b55d6b

License: Shareware

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